OppLoans VS SoFi

UPDATED Jul 2024

Sometimes, the hardest part of taking out a personal loan is finding a company you can trust. We are happy to say that both OppLoans and SoFi are personal loan companies we warmly recommend. However, they do not offer the exact same quality of service. This OppLoans VS SoFi comparison lets you instantly find out which one of them can provide you with a more satisfactory borrowing experience.

Side by Side Comparison

Min. Loan Amount
Max. Loan Amount
Min. Credit Score
APR Range
Loan Terms
Approval Time
36% - 199%
6 - 36 months
1 business day
5.49% - 14.24%
3, 5, or 7 years
few days

Our Ratings

When comparing personal loan companies, we rely on 7 clearly defined criteria. We rate the companies based on the simplicity of the application process and the speed at which they provide their customers with the approval status. We compare their rates and fees and verify whether their repayment terms are reasonable. Next, we check the number of US states where their services are available. Finally and most importantly, we analyze the transparency and credibility of the companies. The winner of the comparison is the personal loan company that receives the higher total score calculated based on the individual scores received on each of the aforementioned criteria.
Application Process
Speed Of Approval
Rates and Fees
Repayment Terms
Geographical Coverage
Final Rating9.2/109.4/10