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Auto Credit Express is, in its own words, here to rebuild America’s credit. They have been helping people re-establish their credit and get financing for new or late model cars since 1999. They are proud to have helped a host of customers who were down on their luck with credit issues, bankruptcy discharges, and more. They continue to do so and are now specially trained in providing you with over 1,200 dealerships and lending partners, making them the greatest automotive special finance choice in North America! So, if you are thinking of buying a car but are afraid you can’t really afford it – think again. Keep reading our Auto Credit Express review to learn whether this company is the right choice for you.

This company is ranked #1 on our Best Auto Loan Companies list.


With their assistance, you can either get an auto loan or lease the vehicle you are interested in getting. The choice is all yours, but their team will be more than happy to help you decide which of these two options is more affordable and cost-efficient for you, based on the monthly installments, the condition of the car, estimated future value, ownership, etc. You can pre-qualify online and even get estimated for the approval with their unique approval amount calculator.

This useful feature will walk you through several steps such as ‘credit profile,’ ‘monthly income,’ and ‘monthly recurring debt.’ They can link you up with a special auto financing lender or a dealership close to you in the United States or Canada. Another major plus is that this will allow you to improve your credit history since your on-time payments will be consistently reported to TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax. And what makes Auto Credit Express really exceptional is the fact that they make room for credit improvement all the time, which allows their clients to refinance existing loans or become eligible for a lower interest rate.



Auto Credit Express’ loan specialists will do everything to put you back into your driving seat as fast as possible. You can either call them by phone or fill in the application form online. All the information you might need is available to you on their official website and filling the application form is easy and quick. It will take you no more than three minutes to get started and pre-qualify for a loan. Before you know it, you will be behind the steering wheel driving your car! But make sure to check your credit profile in advance and be ready to ask their agents anything you are concerned about – the interest rates, approval rate, bad credit loan options such as payday loans, or something else.


There are a number of ways you can save your money with the borrowing options offered to you by Auto Credit Express. For instance, you can get a discount if you try their employee discount auto loan process. As we have mentioned before in this Auto Credit Express review, you can even qualify for a chance to refinance the loan or lower the interest rates.

This helps their customers stay on track when the repayments is due and get full benefits of their car loan/lease, which is why this auto loan company prides itself in becoming the biggest network of car dealers, lenders, and clients. And don’t forget to check out their auto loan payment calculator to estimate your payments. The rates will be based on your credit profile and the equity position of the loan.


At the end of this Auto Credit Express review, we can honestly say that credit problems are no problems at all when you are dealing with Auto Credit Express! They make it their top priority to help you re-establish your credit regardless of how bad it may currently be. That is why they report your payments to the three major credit bureaus each month. This special finance company will help you purchase and/or lease the car you want despite your bad credit score or past bankruptcy while giving you an opportunity to save money, refinance a loan or even get a lower interest rate down the line. So, what more could a driver want?

User Reviews

  • Submitted By John Richards on 08/03/2017
    I even got a neat discount on my loan.
  • Submitted By Dylan Rivera on 07/22/2017
    Everything was done by phone without me dealing with forms on the internet and whatnot.
  • Submitted By Roger Bailey on 07/11/2017
    These guys look shady to me. I couldn’t get all the info on the site and the support dude wasn’t much help either. Turned out ok in the end tough.


Auto Credit Express Review
Updated : 2024-05-22
Rating : 9.3/10