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Bad Credit Loans was launched in 1998, so they’re veterans in helping people get financial help when they need it the most. The company itself is not a lender, they just connect borrowers with potential lenders that offer appropriate funding for their current needs.  

One of the best things about the service is the sheer number of options you’ll have to choose from once you apply for a loan. Many of the lenders available won’t even look at your credit score, so poor financial decisions from the past won’t hinder your funding now.  

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Apart from loan matching, Bad Credit Loans also takes part in charity work and many other events. You can read about those in their news section but also keep yourself up-to-date on the newest scams in the lending business. At this point, the company sounds too good to be true, so let’s explore their offer in this honest Bad Credit Loans review. 


  • Wide network of lenders 
  • Flexible terms 
  • Credit rating is not crucial for approval 
  • Range of different types of loans 
  • Useful educational articles  
  • Quick and easy application 
  • Approval within minutes 


  • Loan amounts with bad credit only go up to 1,000$  

How Bad Credit Loans Works

Personal loans are one of the rare funding opportunities for individuals with bad credit rating. So, if you start having financial difficulties, Bad Credit Loans will connect you to some of the most reputable lenders on the market. Nobody can plan every possible emergency, but it’s comforting to know that you have a potential way of ending every single run of bad luck from now on. 


Bad Credit Loans offers a fast and efficient online system for loan requests, allowing you to receive a personal loan offer within minutes. If you’re approved for a loan, the funds will be deposited into your checking account in about one business day. This process has completely eliminated long waiting for approval and checks in the mail. Note that the available lenders also work with borrowers with good credit score. 

Bad Credit Loans Review Features

The company makes sure that you know the exact terms of the loan before falling under any obligation. Their network of lenders strictly follows the Truth in Lending Act, meaning you’ll receive the complete relevant documentation before signing anything. In other words, there will be no hidden fees, no matter which lender you end up choosing. 

The entire loan process looks like this: 

  • If you’re successfully connected to the company’s network of lenders, they’ll verify your information and review your request; 
  • Depending on your info, some lenders might respond with a loan offer, which you should inspect carefully;
  • If you decide to accept a loan, simply agree to the lender’s terms with your e-signature;
  • Once your e-signature is on the lender’s contract, the funds will be distributed to your checking account.

Bad Credit Loans also offers articles specifically written to make sure you get only the loan you actually need. These professional articles will provide: 

  • Useful tips on when you should take a loan 
  • How to distribute the funds responsibly 
  • Budgeting tactics to repay your loan quickly 

Lastly, the company points out that it’ll actually cost you more not to take a loan in some cases, depending on the emergency in question. So, whatever your final choice, just make sure you’re not dwelling on the possibilities for too long while your financial crisis grows.  

Application Process

You can apply for a loan with Bad Credit Loans in 3 easy steps: 

  • Complete the loan request form on the website;
  • After the affiliate network of lenders receives your request, you’ll potentially get a loan offer;
  • If approved, you can review and accept the offer you consider to be best for you. Of course, you’re under no obligation to accept any offers. 

The loan request form follows the usual pattern and requests this personal information: 

  • Loan specifics  Amount requested (up to 5k$), credit type, and loan reason;
  • Personal info  Full name, birthday, and whether you are on active military duty;
  • Contact info  Email address, phone, preferred contact time, mailing address, zip code, state, city, length at address, and whether you own your home;
  • Employment – Income source, time employed, payment frequency, employer’s name and phone, and monthly gross income; 
  • Identity and bank info  State ID or driver’s license, issuing date, social security number, and bank account type;  
  • Deposit info  ABA/routing number, account number, and months at your bank; 
  • Final questions  Job title, next payday, whether you are paid by direct deposit, whether you own a car, and whether you want a secure link to your loan request and SMS alerts (provide your mobile phone number).

Finally, you’ll be prompted to agree with the privacy policy.  


In order to receive a loan offer, you do not need to have perfect credit. Just note that affiliate lenders usually won’t offer over 1,000$ to individuals with bad credit score.

The eligibility requirements go as follows: 

  • At least 18 years of age 
  • Proof of citizenship 
  • Regular income (full-time or self-employment, social security or disability benefits) 
  • Possession of a checking account 
  • Provided home and work phone numbers 
  • Valid email address 

Repayment Terms

It is difficult to extract an exact list of repayment terms since Bad Credit Loans features so many affiliate lenders. Still, here are some broad strokes: 

  • Loan duration usually ranges between 3 and 60 months;
  • Loan amounts go between 500$ and 5,000$;
  • Repayment frequency will depend entirely on your chosen lender.    

Late payments will incur additional fees and charges from your lender. The company is not able to predict the exact amount of these penalties, so your best bet is to familiarize yourself with all the policies of your chosen lender regarding nonpayment, late, and partial payment. The same principle goes for prepayments. 

Rates & Fees

The APR on a personal loan from Bad Credit Loans network of lenders ranges from 5.99% to 35.99%. The rest of the factors cannot be determined due to the number of lenders in their network, as already stated in this Bad Credit Loans review. We, once again, recommend to familiarize yourself with every important aspect of your loan before taking any obligations.  

Bottom Line

Bad Credit Loans is a veritable wellspring of potential lenders you’ll need in a time of crisis. Your loan request is redirected to a vast network of lending companies, which will all compete to provide you with the best possible offer. So, one of the main advantages of this type of company is the sheer choice you’ll get once you submit that request.  

The company has been in business since 1998, which additionally solidifies Bad Credit Loans as a legitimate loan provider. On top of all that, their website also features many articles and publications aimed at helping you understand your specific needs and get just the right loan for you.  

User Reviews

  • Submitted By Matthew Harris on 07/19/2017
    My car broke down out of the blue and this loan literally saved my busines from going under.
  • Submitted By Sarah Lewis on 07/30/2017
    I needed a loan quickly to pay for my bills and I got it in just a day.
  • Submitted By Steven Young on 08/13/2017
    They didn’t even mention my credit score before giving me a loan.
  • Submitted By Ronald Turner on 08/20/2017
    The APR is definitely high but it’s still good to have this option when immergency comes knocking.


Bad Credit Loans Review
Updated : 2024-07-24
Rating : 9.6/10