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As of early 2018 Life House is officially out of business. If you’re looking for a similar company check out our review of Net Loan Express.

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Life House Financial is a loan company that provides small businesses and clients with connections to local banks, credit unions, and other loan companies that are interested in competing for their business. They also provide a service that helps you understand the complexity of lending, credit, and debt management. Life House Financial helps keep everyone informed by providing them with the right tools and information to make the right decision that will help them or their business. The mismanagement of funds has caused people to lose their homes, fall behind on bill payments, and even work past the age of retirement. Life House Financial’s goal is to stop this trend from occurring.

The company will provide their customers with both the positive and negative features of each financial loan provider that exists in today’s lending market. This allows you to view companies that will best suit your needs and stay away from scam companies.

In this Life House Financial review, we will explore all the ways this company can help you get the loan you need.


Life House Financial provides five different types of loans. There are personal, business, debt consolidation, mortgage, and auto loans. As mentioned earlier in this Life House Financial review, the company provides a list of pros and cons for every financial institution that exists these days and allows the consumer or small business to decide which financial institution will best suit their needs.



All lending companies need different types of information for their application process, but what makes Life House Financial stand out is that it doesn’t matter if you have good or bad credit, if you have applied for bankruptcy or if you have been denied for a loan in the past. Most of the loan providers they work with want some kind of proof of income such as a pay stub, a bank statement or tax returns. Also, they may need a credit check from credit companies, including Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian, and, of course, your personal information such as your name, address, and banking and contact information.


Repayment plans or terms are decided between the client and the loan company. With all the options that are provided by Life House Financial, you can rest assured that you will get the best possible loan for your specific needs. Life House Financial doesn’t provide you with a repayment plan, as that is something you will get when you choose your lender. This means that the company will help their customers or small businesses make the right decision when it comes to deciding on a loan company, but it’s up to you and the lender to determine all the terms and conditions.


Life House Financial is one of the best loan providing companies on the market. In addition to providing each customer or business with a list of pros and cons of each loan option that is available today, they give you access to exclusive lenders, which can offer you superb deals. With this company, you can easily make the best possible choice regarding your loan and stay in control of your financial situation.

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  • Submitted By Linda Martin on 07/15/2017
    The bigest offer of loans I ever seen.These guys cover everything youll ever need.


Life House Review
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