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As of late 2020 Netloan USA site is no longer accessible. We recommend you take a look at our review of Speedy Net Loan instead.

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Our Netloan USA review will introduce a company that connects people who need a small amount of money immediately with loan companies or lenders matching their criteria and willing to lend them money. This particular service does come with a fee, which means you have to repay your loan and pay the fee to Netloan USA, but the company does save you tons of time by finding the best lender in a matter of minutes.


Companies that work in the loan industry but don’t directly loan you the money are often considered scams, which may be correct in some cases, but Netloan USA is definitely not just a legit company, it is also a very straightforward and fair one. They do not make any promises they can’t keep and don’t idealize the concept of short-term loans. The company works by taking the information your provide and your request and running them through their database of loan lender companies they partnered with. Netloan USA has a large partner base and can come up with the right match in no time, which is the company’s best feature.

Payday loan companies often have lower standards for their potential borrowers in terms of credit status. Obviously, a credit check will be performed, but Netloan USA manages to find a match even for people with poor credit scores. They claim that they have an extremely high percentage of approvals; considering the payday loan practice mentioned earlier in our Netloan USA review, there is no reason to doubt them. 

Applying through their website is incredibly easy and quick, as well as very safe and secure since the company uses the reliable Thawte SSL encryption. izmenjeno pola recenice 

The service is very convenient. You don’t have to wait in lines or spend hours and days looking for a loan company willing to lend you money. With Netloan USA, it’s all very discreet, fast, and reliable, which is exactly what attracts so many clients to the company.



Since Netloan USA does not lend you the money itself, they only ask you for some basic information and don’t go into things like your credit score. They require your full name and address, rough information about your monthly income, and your age, as well as your zip code. Your zip code is important since Netloan USA does not operate in all the states. States that are excluded from the company’s network include Georgia, Virginia, West Virginia, Arizona, and Oregon.

These are the basic requirements you need to meet in order to start using Netloan USA. However, since different loan companies have different requirements, you may be asked more detailed financial and personal information, depending on the company.

The fee that Netloan USA charges for matching you with a lender is $25. The match is made in less than 90 seconds and you can apply for a loan of up to $1,000. After you accept the match you’re offered, you will be redirected to the matching company’s website and they’ll take it from there.


When it comes to repaying the loan, it really all depends on the loan company you get matched with. However, since we’re talking about short-term payday loans, the standard practice is that you’re required to repay your loan within 16 days or by your next payday, whichever comes first. Some companies offer extensions and similar features to those unable to make the payment on time, some charge the late fee, but again, it all depends on the companies.


This detailed Netloan USA review definitely revealed a trustworthy company that does seem to have your best interest at heart when it comes to matching you with the best possible loan lenders. It’s a legitimate company with OLA (Online Lenders Alliance) accreditation and thousands of satisfied customers. It’s definitely a service that can be very useful and convenient if you are looking for a payday loan.

User Reviews

  • Submitted By Doris Olson on 07/03/2017
    They keep it all pretty discreet and professional but 25 bucks PLUS what I had to pay the actual lender was too much.
  • Submitted By Gabriel Pierce on 06/21/2017
    Netloan found me a decent lender in under 30 seconds!
Netloan USA Review
Updated : 2024-04-17
Rating : 8.1/10