CashNetUSA VS Blue Trust Loans

UPDATED Jul 2024

Payday loans are meant to be quick and easy solutions to temporary money shortage. However, not all payday loan companies have your best interest at heart. Now that you have successfully identified two companies that are worth your trust, it is time to take a look at both of them side by side and make your final decision. Before you is an unbiased CashNetUSA VS Blue Trust Loans comparison designed particularly for that purpose.

Side by Side Comparison

Min. Loan Amount
Max. Loan Amount
Min. Credit Score
APR Range
Loan Terms
Approval Time
129.52% - 684.38%
8-31 days
2 days
471.78% - 841.45%
6 months
1 business day

Our Ratings

Here is a quick overview of our comparison process. It starts with 7 carefully defined criteria determined in accordance with the main qualities of payday loan companies. The criteria include simplicity of the application process, speed of providing approval status, affordability of rates and fees, feasibility of repayment terms, and geographical coverage, as well as transparency and credibility. The payday loan companies under consideration receive ratings based on the degree to which they satisfy each criterion. The winner of the comparison is the company that receives the higher final rating.
Application Process
Speed Of Approval
Rates and Fees
Repayment Terms
Geographical Coverage
Final Rating9.1/109.7/10