LoanMart VS 1(800) Car-Title

UPDATED Jul 2024

If you have decided to take out a title loan with either LoanMart or 1(800) Car-Title, you are already on the right track. Both of these title loan companies are considered to be reliable and fair when it comes to loan terms. However, their offers are far from identical. ThisLoanMart VS 1(800) Car-Title comparison lets you discover how their services differ and allows you to quickly reach your final decision.

Side by Side Comparison

Min. Loan Amount
Max. Loan Amount
Min. Credit Score
APR Range
Loan Terms
Approval Time
1 business day
12 - 36 months
15 minutes

Our Ratings

Over the years, we have discovered a fail-proof formula for impartial title loan company comparison. It includes 7 distinct criteria: smoothness of the application process, speed of approval, reasonableness of rates and fees, fairness of repayment terms, range of geographical coverage, transparency, and company credibility. The title loan companies compared receive ratings on all the criteria that are considered to be indicative of the overall service quality. The ratings received on separate criteria are combined into an aggregated score. The company with a higher aggregated score is the winner of the comparison.
Application Process
Speed Of Approval
Rates and Fees
Repayment Terms
Geographical Coverage
Final Rating9.5/108.1/10