Upstart VS Road Loans

UPDATED Jul 2024

You are getting a new car and all you need is some extra cash to finally make it happen. Should you go with Upstart or rather choose Road Loans? This Upstart VS Road Loans comparison will point to the better of the two options and help you make up your mind in a minute.

Side by Side Comparison

Min. Loan Amount
Max. Loan Amount
Min. Credit Score
APR Range
Loan Terms
Approval Time
~ 620
7.37% - 29.99%
3 or 5 years
3 business days

Our Ratings

The main goal of this comparison is to provide you with objective assessments of the offers of both auto loan companies under consideration, based on which the winner of the comparison is determined. This is realized with the use of 7 relevant and reliable criteria, including the application process, speed of approval, rates and fees, repayment terms, geographical coverage, transparency, and credibility. The scores on each criterion are carefully calculated for each company. These scores are used to produce the final scores that allow us to declare the winner of the comparison, which is the company that has received the higher final score.
Application Process
Speed Of Approval
Rates and Fees
Repayment Terms
Geographical Coverage
Final Rating9.4/107.2/10